I-CAT 3-D Imaging

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Patients at Green Orthodontics love the i-CAT 3-D Dental Imaging System. The i-CAT uses 95% less radiation than traditional hospital-cased CT scan machines and gives us a 3-dimensional image of the patient's teeth and jaw. The eight second i-CAT scan has less than half the radiation of a regular digital panorex. The i-CAT allows Dr. Green to quickly and precisely plan the exact movement of the teeth without the guesswork of traditional or digital x-rays which are only two-dimensional. 

In addition to moving teeth, braces affect the position and shape of the surrounding bone, gums, lips, cheeks, and muscles of the face. With our 3-D CT scan, we now have the ability to create a complete treatment plan for all factors that the braces will affect. This gives our patients a more beautiful and healthy smile in an extremely precise manner. 

i-CAT image picture I-CAT technology provides 3-D data for:

    ◾Orthodontic evaluation and treatment planning 

    ◾TMJ treatment 

    ◾Airway assessments and sleep apnea

    ◾Full facial and jaw 3-D images

    ◾Impacted tooth position

    ◾Assessment of cleft lip and palates

    ◾Surgical Planning


Green Orthodontics is pleased to offer i-CAT 3-D imaging for our orthodontic patients. Come and see for yourself what it is like to receive a more advanced, patient-friendly orthodontic experience. Call us to schedule an appointment.